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Patrick Smacchia. • The System.Windows.Forms.ClipBoard allows you to store and retrieve information on the clipboard. Never use this The clipboard is strictly reserved for user data. • The System.Windows.Forms. Forms.Form System.The Shown event is only raised the first time a form is displayed; subsequently minimizing, maximizing, restoring, hiding, showing, or invalidating and repainting

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380+ items - Defines the base class for controls, which are components withNameDescription.ControlInitializes a new instance of the Control class with defaultControl(String)Initializes a new instance of the Control class with specific textForm Events (System.Windows.Forms) - MSDN - Microsoft items - Form Events .NET Framework 4.5. Other Versions.NameDescription.ActivatedOccurs when the form is activated in code or by the userAutoSizeChangedOccurs when the AutoSize property changesForm.Closing Event (System.Windows.Forms) - MSDN when the form is closing. the form is closing. Namespace: System.Windows.Forms Assembly: System.Windows.Forms (in System.Windows.Forms.dll) When this property is set to true, the form will receive all KeyPress, KeyDown, and KeyUp events. After the form's event handlers have completed processing the Represents a window or dialog box that makes up an application's user interface.

form 8847

The following code example demonstrates how to use the SetDesktopLocation, Load, Activated, and Activate members. To run the example, paste the following at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad(EventArgs e) at System.Windows. CodeBase: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Daniel%20Amireh/Desktop/ Oct 24, 2012 - You need to use assembly-qualified name of the type. Type tForm = Type.GetType("System.Windows.Forms.Form, System.Windows.Forms

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